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The Works Apprenticeships

Leadership and Management Apprenticeships Reality Check: The Works

This month I interviewed Leadership Apprentices from online and high street retail specialist “The Works”. This article documents their stories, providing insight for people thinking of starting an apprentice programme.

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Leadership Apprenticeships: Reality vs Expectation

leadership apprentice levy reality

There’s been a lot of discussion around the impact of the new apprentice levy. So much of it has been theoretical. We thought it was about time we asked some learners about their experience so far. Last month, I interviewed a group of learners from automotive parts supplier Gestamp Tallent…

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ofsted apprentice levy advice

Ofsted and the Apprentice Levy – Blessing or Curse?

Ofsted inspections. These two words have been known to strike abject terror into the heart of the most able of teachers. Under the new levy system, apprentice providers can expect scrutiny from both Ofsted and the ESFA. So, is this a blessing or a curse? What can providers do to prepare themselves for the inevitable inspection?

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Apprentice Levy Lottery

How to Win the Apprentice Levy Lottery?

Why is the apprentice levy at risk of being a lottery for both employers and employees? What steps can you take to improve the odds? Dove Nest provide 5 key tips to help stack the odds in your favour.

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Apprentice Levy: variety, culture, retention, succession and leadership

We interviewed learning and development professionals, and asked them what they thought was the biggest opportunity in L&D. Not surprisingly, the apprentice levy came out as number one in the list of their top five.

However, the focus on the apprentice levy does vary across organisations. Although the apprentice levy was ranked number one in terms of the top opportunities, it wasn’t at the top of the list for every company. This rather begs the question, “why isn’t the apprentice levy no1 for every organisation, what could be a bigger opportunity than that?”

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Apprentice Levy Documenting Learning

Documenting apprentice learning represents simultaneously one of the biggest challenges, and biggest opportunities of the apprentice levy programmes.

Continuing the Apprentice levy advice theme, we’re going to briefly discuss 3 topics:

  1. The necessity for documenting the learning
  2. The risks from not doing it
  3. How to make documenting learning it easy

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20% off the job learning Apprentice Advice

Following on in our regular updates on the levy, many of our clients have asked questions around the requirement for 20% off the job learning:

  • What constitutes ‘off the job’?
  • How to support off the job learning?
  • What are the implications for my organisation?

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Levy Advice – Do I need line management experience to complete a management apprenticeship?

Can you successfully complete a management apprenticeship, if you’re not actually a line manager and do not have management experience? At Dove Nest we offer two apprenticeships in leadership and management, both of which provide ILM Diplomas at either level three and Five. Each of these programmes develop learners to manage and lead people and so in order to complete the course, apprentices will need to have some active involvement in the management and leadership of others. But therein lies something of a conundrum: how does someone learning how to step up into a line manager role, acquire practical experience of line management?

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Apprenticeship levy advice for Leadership and Management

Looking for apprenticeship levy advice for Management and leadership programmes? The main message is ‘Don’t Panic’

Dove Nest provides trailblazer apprenticeships in management and leadership including ILM level 3 and 5 ILM qualifications. We’ve made it our mission to gather expert information, so that we can provide the best level of stewardship for our clients.

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