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How to Win the Apprentice Levy Lottery

Apprentice Levy Lottery

How to Win the Apprentice Levy Lottery?

Why is the apprentice levy at risk of being a lottery for both employers and employees? What steps can you take to improve the odds? Dove Nest provide 5 key tips to help stack the odds in your favour.

What are the Odds?

Since April 2017 the apprentice levy has changed the way many companies approach funded learning. Some organisations have embraced the change and employees have already begun levy funded programmes. Others have chosen to ignore it completely, continuing instead to opt for their own L&D budget funded programmes.

Whilst many more have become paralysed, overwhelmed and confused by the change as yet have not navigated a path through the complexity. For employers, how well they can take advantage of apprentice levy funded opportunities, remains something of a lottery.

Studying Form

As with any new system, it can take some time to become expert. The apprentice levy is no different. Access to the right information is key. Whilst the government provides general information, many organisations have specific questions that aren’t covered in the guidance. To get the best from the apprentice levy, its important to have the right partner. A training provider which is registered on the government ROATP will be able to provide invaluable answers and help navigate any confusion.

Avoiding the Hustle

The scale of investment in the apprentice levy fund is huge, estimated at £2.8bn by the end of 2018, rising to over £3bn by 2020. With such funds available, it is bound to attract the attention of potential providers who might be somewhat less than reputable. Already, some stories are emerging of “providers” promising to deliver clients “the moon and stars” using levy funds. The reality is that there are strict guidelines about what levy funds can and cannot be used for. There have also been reports back of providers using low pricing to secure business. As the levy funds don’t actually “belong” to a client, surely the value a provider can add is more important than what price is charged. We’ve put together 5 tips to help companies navigate the levy, to reduce confusion and avoid any potential pitfalls.

Stacking the Odds in your favour

These 5 key tips to getting the most from the apprentice levy

  1. Remember that levy funds aren’t just for “traditional” apprentices, funding can be used for anyone provided they are stepping up to a new position
  2. Work with an approved main provider from the ROATP list
  3. Share the knowledge, by talk with other professionals in your network, ask how they have approached the levy?
  4. Ask your provider for testimonials, reviews or examples of levy funded work
  5. Make sure your provider has all the assessment, selection, processes, systems and evidence in place needed for compliance and success

Backing A Sure Thing

Dove Nest has provided clients with Leadership and management development solutions for over 35 years. We have already started apprentice levy funded trailblazer programmes equivalent to ILM Levels 3 and 5. Dove Nest has been awarded main provider status for Apprentice Levy funded programmes and is listed on the ROATP.

Dove Nest has the capabilities in place for programme design, delivery, compliance and evidence needed to successfully complete an apprentice programme.


Win Apprentice Levy lottery






Hitting the jackpot: the triple whammy

Dove Nest levy funded programmes deliver for both employers and learners by delivering the triple whammy:

  1. Programme that is Apprentice Levy Funded compliant from an approved main provider
  2. A trailblazer programme that delivers an ILM qualification
  3. The opportunity to customise modules, bespoke to the employer, bringing theory to life through real-world examples from the business.

For more information about levy funded leadership and management apprenticeships, visit our website, call us on 015395 67878 or email us at

Turn the Levy into Learning