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Levy Advice – Do I need Line Management Experience to complete a Management Apprenticeship?

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Levy Advice – Do I need line management experience to complete a management apprenticeship?

Can you successfully complete a management apprenticeship, if you’re not actually a line manager and do not have management experience? At Dove Nest we offer two apprenticeships in leadership and management, both of which provide ILM Diplomas at either level three and Five. Each of these programmes develop learners to manage and lead people and so in order to complete the course, apprentices will need to have some active involvement in the management and leadership of others. But therein lies something of a conundrum: how does someone learning how to step up into a line manager role, acquire practical experience of line management?

Thankfully there are some fairly painless solutions we can suggest.  One option is for the learner to have elements of line management responsibility delegated to them; this could include conducting one to ones and appraisals, leading meetings, carrying out personal development reviews etc.  For any of this to work what is vital is the support and involvement of the line manager to facilitate such delegation in order to give the learner direct experience of what it is like to manage people.

Another option, and one that works within the higher level (level 5) programme is where the learner conducts their work based project (an integral part of the programme) through having a project team that they actively manage and control.

A good apprentice provider will help companies and employees identify potential problems like the line management conundrum. However, the right apprentice provider will go beyond just problem identification, and will provide solutions that are both practical and innovative, whilst remaining true to activities which can be legitimately levy funded.

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