Levy Funded Apprenticeships Developing Leadership and Management

Dove Nest’s Trailblazer Apprenticeships in Leadership and Management provide team leaders, supervisors, operations and departmental managers, the chance to develop their leadership and management knowledge and skills, whilst gaining  an ILM qualification.  And with all of this being funded fully through the Apprentice Levy.

Our two Apprentice programmes offer the following benefits

  • Structured Programmes
  • Robust Accredited Approach
  • Recognised ILM Qualification
  • Rooted in real life work Examples
  • Fully supporting your talent pipeline
  • Customisable Content
  • Incorporates Existing Competency Frameworks, Values & Language
  • Blended Learning
  • Experiential, Coaching, Collaborative, Self-Guided Study
  • Qualifies as Levy Funded

Dove Nest Apprentice Brochure

A Dove Nest Apprenticeship Features

Personal Development Portfolio

  • Online Access to resources
  • Recording Work & Tracking Progress
  • Sharing / Advice Forums
  • Coach / Tutor Support


Personal Project

  • Directly Relevant
  • Real World Examples
  • Benefits Individual & Organisation
  • Direct Application of Learning
  • Demonstrable ROI

 Regular Reviews

  • Integrating Line Manager Support
  • Grounding the Study

 Experiential Learning

  • Practical learning activities designed to aid the development of skills and show the application of knowledge
  • Facilitates the generation of evidence for the portfolio
  • Enables safe practice
  • Residential events to enhance the interpersonal learning and develop peer support
  • Can be delivered at one of our Lake District centres or anywhere in the UK

Apprentices can expect

  • Training they’ll never forget
  • New knowledge and skills that they can apply immediately
  • Improved Career & Profile
  • Support Network
  • Online Learning Portfolio
  • Recognised ILM Qualification
  • A unique Experience

Organisations can expect

  • People with the Right Skills
  • Learning and Development that Reflects the Organisation’s Reality
  • Learning that is applied immediately within the workplace
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent that Stays

HR Professionals can expect

  • Supported Programme Delivery
  • Relevant & Appropriate Material
  • Customisable Content
  • Tracking / Reporting
  • Retained Talent
  • ROI Evidence
  • Levy Funded Leadership Development